PR Class Assignment: Social Media Release

*This is not a real Press Release and its sole purpose is for a class assignment Seton Hall University 400 South Orange Avenue South Orange, NJ 07079 For Immediate Release March 28, 2017 Dr. Mary Meehan to lead SHU as Interim President South Orange’s Catholic university names new temporary president of the college             SOUTH… Continue reading PR Class Assignment: Social Media Release

Who is the New SHU President?

Seton Hall University has announced new interim president There has been talk about Dr. Mary Meehan from Milwaukee, Wis., taking over Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban’s current position as SHU president. According to a biography posted by Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, Dr. Meehan was the executive vice president for administration at SHU and was president and an alumna… Continue reading Who is the New SHU President?

What’s Your Opinion on #OvalOfficeCouchGate?

For this week’s mobile reporting assignment, Brittany Neal and I went around the Seton Hall campus to interview fellow students on the controversial topic that we hashtagged #OvalOfficeCouchGate. We decided to ask students their opinion on the recent photo circulating on social media regarding the way Kellyanne Conway is posed on the couch of the Oval… Continue reading What’s Your Opinion on #OvalOfficeCouchGate?

Quiz: Mobile Reporting

Mobile reporting is when a journalist goes out into the field using their smartphone to report on what is happening. Stories on criminal and civil trials, breaking news (fires, shootings, etc.), important speeches or announcements by public officials/celebrities/sports figures/business leaders, etc., all lend themselves to mobile reporting. The technology can expand from just having internet… Continue reading Quiz: Mobile Reporting

Goodbye to a great president, hello to new opportunities

Marianne Datu and Nicholas Mariano Campaign Statement: This campaign aims to instill a culture of transparency, honesty and credibility within the Seton Hall current and future administrations. Current Students/Potential Students: The goal of this campaign aims to keep the students at the forefront of Seton Hall, by putting in practice a plan for transparency that… Continue reading Goodbye to a great president, hello to new opportunities

The Good, The Bad and The PR Strategies of the SHU Transition

This weekend I participated in the class Twitter live chat, in which the conversation was focused around the hashtag, #SHUTransition. (This hashtag is in relation to the recent news of Seton Hall University President Gabriel Esteban being appointed as the new President of DePaul University). The news was made public on Thursday, Feb. 16. I learned many things while… Continue reading The Good, The Bad and The PR Strategies of the SHU Transition

Three Blogs: Lifestyle & Beauty I am constantly inspired by my best friend’s blog. Her posts are personable, showcases her personality and creativity. I also enjoy her art and our mutual love for stationary. One of my favorite beauty vloggers, she posts new content pretty much every day and her interests align with mine. I enjoy her unique voice and… Continue reading Three Blogs: Lifestyle & Beauty