Quiz 2 / Collaborative Journalism

After reading about the article about collaborative journalism, there was a lot of information about why collaborative journalism is important, the benefits to it, and its dangers. What struck me the most about the article was the dangers. Even though collaborative journalism benefits journalists in various ways such as, exchanging ideas, skills and resources, there is still the fear of what could go wrong. The privacy of source information becomes tricky when it deals with more than one person collaborating on the story and it puts the story and source in jeopardy. Another danger is when too many conflicting ideas arise in one story and because of different writing styles, the quality of the story may suffer.

Collaborative journalism is when individuals from differing organizations come together to report on one story. The best practice in collaborative journalism is the exchanging of ideas from various journalists and working together to create a well-reported story.

When dealing with the public on social media, especially when responding to comments, it is important to determine if the comment holds merit or is constructive in some way. If the comment is determined to be negative and does not hold merit, then the best way to go about responding is to be honest and direct.


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