Twitter Scavenger Hunt

For this week’s Social Media assignment, I worked with Brandon and together we successfully crossed off every item from the topics list. We came into this assignment ready to overcome any obstacles and to share our creativity with the topics. Here are our tweets:

An SHU student showing Pirate Pride:

Favorite eating spot on campus:

A professor’s opinion on the use of social media today and its role in society:

How an SHU student obtains their information/news:

And a quote from the student:

Seton Hall and their role in academic research and learning:

A scenic view of the campus:

A little known fact, if you did not already know:

An SHU student’s opinion on the current Men’s Basketball season and their recent game:

Among many of the organizations and clubs on campus, this SHU student found her place in the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority:

In case you did not know about this and the beautiful chapel on campus:


Of course, our peers also took part in the challenge and there are a few tweets that stood out to us that we liked. Here are our top five tweets from the other teams:


In response to another team’s tweet:


Overall, this assignment was fun and we learned new things about our campus. It was fun getting to talk with fellow students and professors of the university as well as seeing how other teams went about doing the assignment. It is interesting to see how different everyone will approach the assignment in terms of style and content. The biggest challenge for our team was actually coming up with unique tweets and trying to think outside the box. Since the assignment requires a lot of creativity on our part, hopefully our tweets do show that.


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