Goodbye to a great president, hello to new opportunities

Marianne Datu and Nicholas Mariano

Campaign Statement: This campaign aims to instill a culture of transparency, honesty and credibility within the Seton Hall current and future administrations.

Current Students/Potential Students: The goal of this campaign aims to keep the students at the forefront of Seton Hall, by putting in practice a plan for transparency that ensures trust in the incoming administration.
Faculty and Staff: The goal of this campaign is to ensure faculty and staff that this transition will further their place in Seton Hall’s main vision and mission.
Alumni: The goal of this campaign is geared towards Seton Hall’s alumni to ensure they continue to feel confidence in Seton Hall to extent their lifelong relationship with the university.
Surrounding community: The goal of this campaign is to assure South Orange and the surrounding area of Seton Hall’s dedication to remaining a strong member of the community.

  1. President A. Gabriel Esteban of Seton Hall University has been appointed DePaul University’s 12th president. (Twitter – Faculty and Staff)
  2. Farewells are in order for SHU President A. Gabriel Esteban as he accepts his new role as DePaul University’s new president. (Twitter – Students/Community)
  1. Seton Hall University President A. Gabriel Esteban has been appointed as the 12th president of DePaul University in Chicago and will officially start his new role July 1st. A search for SHU’s new president will commence in the near future. (Facebook – Faculty and Staff)
  2. It is bittersweet to announce that SHU President A. Gabriel Esteban has accepted a new position at DePaul University in Chicago as the school’s 12th president. (Facebook -Students/Community )
  1. Author: President A. Gabriel Esteban. Theme: A farewell letter detailing his experience here at SHU to the student body, faculty and administration and alumni. (Blog – Faculty and Staff)
  2. Author: New SHU President. Theme: A welcome letter detailing what students, potential students, faculty, administration and alumni of the university can expect from them as president. A video including an interview with the new president posted with the blogpost will help make them look more personable. (Blog – Students/Faculty )

Video Tweets:

  1. Stay tuned for an interview with Dr. Gabriel Esteban, DePaul University’s 12th president this Thursday.
  2. DePaul University’s Board of Trustees Chair William E. Bennett sits down for an interview with the newly appointed president, Dr. Gabriel Esteban.
  3. Dr. Esteban says Chicago is one of his favorite cities, but DePaul’s “mission” and “academic reputation” is what really attracted Dr. Esteban to the university.
  4. “Try to work harder than anyone else and let the chips fall where they may,”—a great mantra that the newly appointed president lives by.
  5. Dr. Esteban is currently President of Seton Hall University, but will officially be part of the DePaul community on July 1st.


      • Why is this news coming out later than the other University involved?
        We informed the community as soon as we were in a position to do so. And will continue to do so as more news of the transition is known.


      • Why is there no transparency about the situation between the administration and the students?
        All the information readily known is accessible to students and the community. For more information visit the link:


      • How will this affect our daily day-to-day?
        The transition should not have any immediate impact on the lives of Seton Hall students. Just keep getting those straight A’s!
      • Who is going to replace Dr. Esteban as the new president of the University?
        At this current moment, we are unavailable to release the names of the candidates being considered. Please stay tuned to Twitter for any future updates.
      • How is this a good thing for our university?
        Dr. Esteban’s time as president has seen the university undergo a transformative growth. We thank him for all the effort he has put into the betterment of Seton Hall. The president who will follow is sure to continue this trend of improvement.
        • Virtual Event
          • I think they should do two events. One that incorporates Dr. Esteban interacting with the community, answering and questions and concerns. The second should be when they are ready to announce the next president of the college.
          • They would use Facebook or Instragram (their largest social media platforms) to be able to communicate with everyone live and even do an actual live feed video.
          • I think that by smoothing the backlash that received in announcing Esteban’s departure, they can capitalize on creating excitement for whoever is going to be the next president. Similar to how DePaul announced the arrival of Dr. Esteban, Seton Hall can present the person chosen with complete clarity giving that person an immediate line of communication with the students and continue that trend throughout their presidency.

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