Who is the New SHU President?

Seton Hall University has announced new interim president

There has been talk about Dr. Mary Meehan from Milwaukee, Wis., taking over Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban’s current position as SHU president.

According to a biography posted by Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, Dr. Meehan was the executive vice president for administration at SHU and was president and an alumna of Alverno College in Milwaukee.

So, she’s more than qualified to serve as new president, but what will our new president contribute?

As a student of the university, I would like to know what our new president, even though temporary, will provide students like myself?

There are many concerns such as this that I am sure many of my fellow classmates worry about as well.

Will we feel an impact? Or won’t we?

I think filling in the position this early on before Dr. Esteban’s official departure shows me there may be an eagerness for the current president to leave.

Who knows, but that’s my opinion on the current situation.

Overall, I think Meehan is a wonderful pick for the spot, considering her background and history with Seton Hall.

I look forward to her presidency!







*This is part of a class assignment that should not be quoted for any other purposes.





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